Portfolio Analysis

See how to optimize revenue across accounts.

Get a clear view of the potential across your portfolio or territory of assigned accounts and opportunities. Prioritize and focus while keeping an eye on accounts that may be at risk.

Prioritize and focus while keeping an eye on any accounts that may be on risk

Flipping between accounts and tasks means that critical, time sensitive tasks are subject to limited attention and time.

Actionable Insight

Portfolio Analysis has become increasingly important in enterprise sales environments, with top performing companies recognizing the critical role its territory and opportunity planning programs play in driving sales performance and successful revenue generation.

Analysis across a Portfolio of accounts and strategic opportunities is a key piece of the puzzle — to be effective, individuals must:

  • Quickly assess account health to secure existing revenue and identify high quality revenue opportunities for upsell and cross-sell in a constantly changing sales landscape
  • Quickly assess opportunity health to ensure your most important revenue opportunities are optimized to provide the highest value in the shortest amount of time.

See the Difference

Revegy is not a CRM replacement.  In fact, Revegy is the only platform on the market that can integrate with any CRM to drive customized account plans

Revegy shows you what they’re actually trying to achieve Your CRM shows who has clicked on your website
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