5 Tips to Boost Revenue Growth with Sales Acceleration

Sales velocity is the speed at which your deals come to a close. So, what does every rep want to do in their sales racecar? Accelerate!

Sales Acceleration Race Cars

Your team can achieve sales acceleration if you effectively coach your teams on the right tactics and strategies. Even the most charismatic, fast-talker needs a few hints to engage with and earn a prospect’s trust. When deals are accelerated, you win more frequently, leaving additional time for other deal accelerations or those that may need a little coaxing. Either way, the outcome is more predictable revenue forecasts and, ultimately, increased confidence from the executive team.

Coach Your Teams on these 5 Sales Acceleration Tactics

  1. Quickly follow up with any leads. It may seem obvious, but sometimes it needs to be reiterated. The faster you respond to prospects, the faster you can convert them to customers. Also, an inbound lead has likely already done a lot of research, so you’ll want to build a relationship with them before your competitor does.
  2. Sales Acceleration - Identify Pain PointsDiscover your prospect’s pain points. Rather than just selling your widget, remember that buyers are looking for a solution to a problem. Work with them to understand their specific pain points. Then work with them to explore how your product can address their needs.
  3. Do the research. The more you know about your prospect, the more trustworthy you will be. Once you know the pain point, make sure you know other basic facts to enhance the sexiness of your product. For example, how big is the company, who will any change affect, which key stakeholders will need to be on board, etc.? By really getting to know the company and anticipating their needs, the prospect will feel wholly understood and therefore more comfortable in the long run.
  4. Sales Process - Reduce InefficienciesReduce process inefficiencies. Sales leaders should constantly be analyzing their processes to reduce wasted time and energy. If data entry is slowing the team down, find a way to automate. If cold calls are proving to be worthless, get rid of them! Too many internal meetings? Toss ‘em! If your team feels supported to throw out the timewasters, they will more happily focus on closing deals faster.
  5. Give your team the right tools. Nothing slows a deal down more than disorganized or non-existent sales tools. CRMs are a good start but arming your team with intelligent technology to help them visualize the win will accelerate any deal. (Ahem, Revegy, cough.) Help your teams sell faster by providing them with such things as relationship maps, strategy maps, playbooks, and more. Even a giant company like Fujitsu Americas saw their sales cycle decrease by 43 days when implementing the right technology.

With these 5 simple tips, your teams can land highly accelerated deals, giving them the confidence and finesse to do more. Make sure you are checking in with your teams often to ensure the adoption of your processes. And like we said, drop the dead weight when it comes to inefficiencies.

When you invest in the right people, processes, and technology, you’re sure to win every time.

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