Sales Operations

A Single Source of Sales Truth

Revegy’s sales execution platform consolidates sales intelligence from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive view of activity, performance, and opportunities.

One Sales Platform to Rule Them All

The sales tech stack gets more complicated by the day. With Revegy, your teams can store and analyze all your sales data in one streamlined source and then derive insights that drive revenue.

So many systems, so little time. Revegy allows you to wrangle critical account information and centralize it in one, easy-to-access pane of glass to propel outcomes.

See your path to sales success. Our powerful visuals quickly uncover blind spots and help you provide key account insights and powerful data to drive strategy and execution.

Reduce friction in the sales process. Leverage insights from the Revegy platform to pinpoint the right strategies to grow revenue, enabling your sales team’s efficiency and success.

In this case, one plus one just may equal three. Revegy’s flexible platform integrates with any leading CRM you may use and translates the data lake to add exponential value.


Revegy helps us determine where the customer’s business is going, and how we can help them get there. Our goal is to help customers achieve their objectives”

Charlie Jonesrebandt,
Director, Process Alignment & Integration
Siemens Digital Industries

It's much more powerful than anything we were using in the past because it connects individual projects to whitespace and existing relationships that can drive value-based initiatives.”

Patrick Fondaneche,
Group Strategic Accounts Program, Head of Operations
@ Capgemini

users love us

In a remote workplace situation, it is important that all team members be aware of the current status of an opportunity and their required actions. Revegy helps you better understand your specific role with each opportunity. This has given us the benefit of improved speed of execution, and fewer errors.”

User in an enterprise Telecommunications organization


Revegy gave us a clear line of sight into sales strategy execution. Because of this, Fujitsu was able to reduce the sales cycle by 43 days. We were also able to achieve a 14% improvement in Sales, Revenue, and Margin.”

Cameron Belt, Sales Enablement Leader
@ Fujitsu

users love us

The use of Revegy has enabled a more globally-consistent use of a standard sales methodology and process… In some cases, this has led to shorter sales cycles, and in other cases, larger deal sizes. A more customer-centric consultative sales approach enabled by Revegy has led to discovery of more pipeline.”

Administrator in an enterprise Computer Software organization