Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Walk into an ABX Bar…

ABX (Account-Based Everything) is the new buzzword around town. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Can these three very different functions actually have a happy hour without anyone getting thrown out? 

You’ve seen a lot of opinions and editorial pieces out there, but now it’s time to hear from the people drinking the ABX cross-functional alignment Kool-Aid. Watch Sangram Vajre, Terminus’ Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder, Jamie Bertasi, President and COO of Totango, and Revegy’s VP of Global Sales, Joseph Monastiero, for a discussion on how the three revenue-generating functions can develop a genuinely collaborative, customer-centric process. You’ll hear about: 

  • How to align the revenue team to deliver a 5-star customer experience 
  • Tips for mixing up an ABX process that works for your organization 
  • How to interpret shared data to drive your revenue strategy 
  • Real talk from top executives that have been there, done that 
  • And more!

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