Before founding Revegy, Mark Kopcha saw the same problem everywhere he went: businesses struggling to operationalize their strategies.


Revegy is led by a team of industry experts and pioneers who are extremely passionate about technology innovation, customer value, and sales transformation.

Mark Kopcha

President & CEO

A 25-year veteran of the software industry and the founder of Revegy, Mark is responsible for the strategic vision of the company and its solutions. Managing Revegy’s day-to-day operations, he applies decades of experience gained in the leadership position of notable technology firms. Before establishing Revegy in 2005 Mark served as president of MediZeus, Inc., a provider of medical software solutions designed to assist physicians in the diagnosis of complex diseases. Mark founded the startup Novient, Inc. and was the driving force behind the company’s vision, culture, market direction and service offerings.

Bill Donges


Bill Donges is an accomplished senior technology executive with more than 10 years of proven leadership experience. He has deep knowledge in all aspects of technology, including managing IT strategy, architecture, engineering operations, data centers, development, e-commerce/digital, information and cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and DevOps.

He has a strong technical background as a generalist with a focus on enterprise development and marketing technologies. Bill has designed and optimized high volume features for some of the largest companies in the world and was at the forefront of the move from on-prem to cloud solution.

Bill holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Auburn University where he worked for the City of Auburn as a Firefighter. He enjoys reading history and technology books while keeping up with his two daughters.

Whitney Jones

VP, Finance and Business Operations

Whitney joined the Revegy team in 2017. Whitney started her career at Ernst & Young where she gained both tax and audit experience and eventually transferred to the private sector where she focused on financial management and reporting. Whitney is a graduate of the University of Georgia with both a BS and Masters in Accounting. She is a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of the Georgia Society of CPAs.

Laura Hall

VP, Marketing

Laura is a marketing and sales leader who has built brands, implemented revenue-driving strategies, and increased overall effectiveness as both a practitioner and consultant. Her experience includes a variety of strategic B2B initiatives, including branding and market positioning, communications strategies, account-based initiatives, buyer personas and journeys, and sales process and enablement.

Having spent her career moving across Marketing and Sales, she enjoys uncovering innovative approaches to driving revenue growth. Laura is a firm believer that the surest path there is a “BFF” relationship between Marketing and Sales. Her approach is driven by passion and a stubborn belief that we can always be a little better as revenue-generators, leaders, and humans.

Laura holds a BA from The University of Georgia and an MBA from The Georgia Institute of Technology. In her spare time, you can find her somewhere on a mountain, riding her Peloton, or exploring Atlanta’s most excellent dining scene.

Joseph Monastiero

VP, Global Sales

Joseph is a seasoned sales leader that has held just about every position across the sales organization.  As a business development representative, he quickly developed a unique approach to selling that accelerated his growth through the sales ranks to where he sits today in leadership.  This breadth of experience has given Joseph a unique perspective on all facets of sales, providing unparalleled insight on motivating, inspiring, and mentoring cross-functional teams to a new level of success.

Joseph’s hands-on ‘lead from the front’ approach and his belief that success comes from true cross-company collaboration are the foundation upon which he has built successful sales teams.  He brings to Revegy a strong track record of inspiring teams to exceed expectations, a growth-mindset, and a depth of experience around sales process, framework, and methodology.

Joseph holds an honors Bachelors in Science, a Masters in Bioinformatics, and an MBA from Northeastern University.


Jeremy Torbert

VP, Product Development

Jeremy began working with Revegy in 2005 as a contractor through SolTech, Inc., and then joined Revegy as VP, Product Development in May 2010. In his current role, Jeremy is responsible for all product development, testing and support. While working as Senior Software Engineer at SolTech, Jeremy managed multiple projects in addition to Revegy and was named Employee of the Year. Prior to working at SolTech, he spent 7 years at Manhattan Associates, Inc., starting as an Implementation Consultant and advancing to Senior Development Manager. Jeremy graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (Cooperative Plan).