Private Equity

Help your portfolio companies maximize their potential, increasing retention and creating sustainable growth.

How We Help Portfolio Companies Grow

Revegy supports Private Equity firms in growing their portfolio companies by providing structure and consistency in the sales process. It works with the existing CRM to turn data into actionable insights, creating visibility in matrix-driven organizations (or portfolios!) from the top down, increasing retention and expansion opportunities.

Leverage insights and coach teams to mitigate the risk. Understand the true health of accounts and proactively identify opportunities to increase wallet share.

Drive retention rates within portfolio companies. Views into customer goals and objectives provide maps to align product offerings with key initiatives for greater impact.

Fully understand the customer landscape and market. Visually see the product footprint in relation to unmet needs to develop an effective GTM strategy for expansion opportunities.

Provide the data-driven coaching necessary to elevate sales teams from tactical to strategic. With documented sales plans and strategy maps, you have visibility into where your attention is needed.

Revegy brings CRM data to life and provides the insight necessary to surface revenue opportunities that other systems in the sales tech stack cannot deliver. This makes it ideal for any Private Equity leader that is trying to optimize revenue performance across a broad portfolio of investments.”

Jonathan Temple, Operating Partner
@ The Riverside Company