Fujitsu Unlocks Digital Transformation | Webinar

Dale Mitchell, Head of Americas Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, & Digital Transformation, enables the Fujitsu salesforce to win more deals by providing them with effective and efficient support, processes, and tools.

In an interview with Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools, he explains why he turns to Revegy to help Fujitsu accelerate its transformation from a product-led company to a customer-led digital transformation company.


To serve clients more holistically, Fujitsu needed a comprehensive view of their strategic clients – their organization and structure, their objectives and ambitions, their plans and strategies for achieving their goals, and their partnership history. They also needed a way to develop digital transformation plans that can be supported from a remote and virtual workforce.

“A significant challenge to optimizing the value we deliver was the fact that our data and knowledge about them existed on people’s laptops or in their heads – in disparate, fragmented and tacit places,” says Dale. “This hindered us from using our client information as a truly valuable corporate asset – and made it much more difficult to help them connect the digital dots.”

The Revegy platform was implemented as a strategic business initiative and within the first 6 months, Fujitsu had operationalized 100% of their key accounts – capturing organizational and strategy details in the Revegy system.

How did they achieve success so quickly?

“Don’t try to implement too much too fast. This confuses the objective. Revegy is an incredibly powerful tool with many potential data elements, structures, and processes.  Keep it simple to start, deliver core value, then expand,” advises Dale.

In reality, adoption and organizational buy-in were easy at the lower ranks of the organization because the teams on the ground are close to clients and intimately understand the benefits of Fujitsu’s alignment in strategic accounts.

On the other hand, it was a challenge convincing global leadership that PowerPoint-based knowledge capture and dissemination was not working and was in fact, a major barrier to creating a client-centric Fujitsu. Becoming a trusted partner to their clients by simplifying and accelerating digital transformation required a culture and mindset shift – a change that must be supported by tools and infrastructure.

Dale was assertive and persistent in communicating value throughout his organization. This project is about strategy and relationships, he emphasized to key stakeholders. The most important KPI is whether Fujitsu helps their clients succeed, an achievement evidenced by Fujitsu’s overall company growth, as well as Revegy data that shows the achievement of key customer metrics.

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