Mission Critical: Account Planning for the Year Ahead

Categories: Sales Coaching

“There are so many variables that shift and change throughout a sales cycle. You need to understand how you can pivot your process to continue moving the ball down the field when those changes happen. Time kills deals. You have to maintain forward progress.”

Sales plans aren’t static documents. They’re dynamic, agile frameworks that can be adjusted to help you adapt more effectively.

In this session, Joe Monastiero, VP of Global Sales at Revegy, details why sales planning is mission-critical in 2021 and shares a proven framework for account and opportunity planning.

Don’t miss these (actionable!) takeaways:

  • What the Sales Planning Maturity Curve looks like
  • How planning actually helps your sales team be more agile
  • A winning framework for sales planning
  • Ways to prevent your 2021 sales plan from becoming shelf-ware

Interested in learning more? Check out this post that details 8 elements to elevate your strategic account planning from good to great.

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