One Team: How Everyone Wins a Complex Sale

Webinar | One Team: How Everyone Wins a Complex Sale

Categories: Sales Execution

Every successful salesperson in complex B2B sales excels at engaging the right people with the best information to close a deal. They’re on the buyers’ team.

The bad news: It’s harder today than ever before for salespeople to do this. According to Gartner, the typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves six to 10 decision-makers. Gaining access to those stakeholders has become more challenging with remote work, and they often require an extra (unforeseen) step to approve spend… even when the dollars are in their budget.

The good news: Overcoming these challenges to win new business and protect your base is achievable if you understand your customers’ buying journey.

Author Mark Sellers, CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Sales Performance, joins us with crucial information on how to stand out among the everyday noise for key stakeholders. “When you map [the sales] process by the things your customers have to commit to doing, then a lot of good things are more likely to happen. The customer defines the problem,” says Mark. Essentially if you are aligning with your customer as a team, you’re more likely to see the way to win.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. Why understanding your customers’ buying journey is key to developing broader and deeper relationships
  2. Actionable ways to build consensus among the key stakeholders
  3. How to deploy team members to gain meaningful access to all of the decision-makers
  4. A more effective way to uncover who has decision-making authority vs. influence

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