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Webinar | Moving the Needle: Taking Your Sales Organization Beyond Ad Hoc

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Recently, our VP of Global Sales, Joe Monastiero, and VP of Marketing, Laura Hall, sat down to discuss moving the needle: ways to mature your sales execution approach. When viewing, you’ll see that change doesn’t have to (and almost certainly will not) happen overnight.

Like your children, maturity comes with time and nurture (and maybe some tears). The first step is to align your people and processes to form a discipline around sales execution. The second is the use of technology to enable a consistent, integrated approach.

Many organizations start with an Ad Hoc process, and after a lot of trial and error, an organization might find its way to an integrated approach. It’s not uncommon to find yourself working off an archaic plan while searching for a strategic execution program. Sales leaders often start with a process that was improvised and iterated on by the last 5 generations of sales leaders.

Some companies don’t ever move past Ad Hoc. While it won’t happen overnight, you can mature the process to develop a strategic approach to sales execution. It just depends on how much you invest in developing 3 key pieces: people, process, and technology.

In this video, Laura and Joe share:

  • What the Sales Execution Maturity Curve is and how you can use it to drive strategic growth
  • How moving the needle to advance your sales execution process tangibly impacts your business – monetarily and culturally
  • Which people, process, and technology levers to pull to get to the next level
  • Ways to coach your team to consistently execute on the sales plan

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