Blind spots in leadership

Webinar | Eliminating Blind Spots: How Top Sales Leaders Succeed

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There’s a saying: “Everybody knows one of those people.  If you don’t, it’s probably you.”

Don’t be that leader. Ask yourself, are you coaching your sales managers to drive the execution of the sales plan? There’s a lot of advice for front-line sales managers coaching their salespeople, but what about their leaders? How should senior sales leaders’ coaching and leadership styles evolve?

It starts with understanding your blind spots.

We’ve all had that boss that lacked self-awareness. Maybe it’s a VP of Sales that didn’t take the time to recognize good work. Or a Sales Ops leader that could only find reasons why new ideas wouldn’t work. More than likely, they didn’t realize their pattern or see how it was impeding their ability to effectively lead. Senior leadership blind spots exist, too!

Watch this on-demand webinar with author and sales coach Mark Sellers and Laura Hall, Revegy’s VP of Marketing, as they share practical tips on how to maximize your coaching and lead your sales force to success.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Common reasons blind spots kill coaching efforts
  • Ways to raise your personal awareness of blind spots
  • What good looks like during effective coaching interactions
  • 3 high-value questions to ask when coaching someone
  • Tips on leveraging data to increase the quality of your coaching

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