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The 9 Steps to Winning Sales: As Told by Indiana Jones

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You have made hundreds if not thousands of sales in your lifetime. You’ve been through the process more times than you can count. The nuances of a sale are not lost on you. However, are your sales managers hiring new reps? Or do you just like the idea of comparing your work to that of Indiana Jones? Either way, this article is for you. (Or those reps)

Let Indiana Jones teach you the basics of a sale.
Indiana Jones is a part-time teacher
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1. Prospecting (cold calls and emails)
Indiana Jones Prospecting
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2. Someone shows interest and is open to a meeting
Indiana Jones Hello
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3. Discovery call to understand product-solution fit
Indiana Jones Discovery
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4. Demo with the right stakeholders

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5. Conceptualize solution and build value/ROI
Indiana Jones Scientist
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6. Build a joint evaluation plan
Indiana Jones Work Together
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7. Engage Legal/IT/Procurement
Indiana Jones Engage Other Departments
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8. Take care of any final concerns/objections
Indiana Jones Slays Concern
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Indiana Jones Close the Deal
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Now grab your whip and hat and go slay some deals! But, if you run up against that last-minute fallthrough, we’re sure you’ll be okay.

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