Intelligent Sales Forecasting [Webinar]

Do you dread the beginning of the quarter? That time when you know the executive team is going to start asking for your sales forecast? Right now, right here, we will validate your feelings about forecasting.

Sales forecasting isn’t easy. It’s a blend of art and science and the right balance is hard to find. That’s why we asked Jeremey Donovan, SVP of Sales Strategy at Salesloft, to share his expertise on finding the perfect combination of said art and science to give you a more accurate sales forecast.

Surprisingly, Jeremey once argued that It was possible to leave sales forecasting entirely to science. It’s easy to see why… we all know that forecasting gets muddied by reps sandbagging deals, which ultimately hinders your ability to do revenue planning. This is especially important at the enterprise level. Making or losing gigantic deals could put organizations in jeopardy.

But you can’t just remove the human element. To solve for forecast accuracy, your organization needs the right tools, the best methodology for your organization, and a mutual plan in place with the buyer. However, we polled the audience about several topics including methodologies and forecasting challenges. In particular, we found that the existence of a mutual plan is inconsistent across organizations.

Does Your Organization Use Mutual Plans?

Yes 36%
No 29%
Sometimes 36%


Find out why mutual plans are important for your forecasting and much more in our most recent webinar:

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