Portfolio Analysis Features & Benefits

Visually prioritize your portfolio of accounts by future potential. Develop and execute against a plan tied to overall program objectives for reaching your revenue goals.

Portfolio Segmentation

Prioritize accounts within a portfolio to determine where to focus to optimize your time and efforts using a segmentation grid.

Portfolio Activity Management

Create and manage a list of goals, objectives, and/or activities for overall portfolio management and execution.

Portfolio Summarization Data

Summarize information from your strategic account or opportunity plans into your portfolio.

Portfolio Revenue Analysis

Summarization of the short-term and long-term revenue potential within your portfolio of accounts and if you are on track to achieve your revenue targets.  Requires use of the Revegy revenue summary analysis module.

Portfolio Opportunity Analysis

Summarize opportunity information to understand deal size and risk profile to allow you to prioritize your efforts.

Portfolio Presentation

Easily identify the accounts that offer the best opportunities for additional revenue.

Identify, Prioritize, and Track New Opportunities

Prioritize Key Accounts

Map potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities across your portfolio of accounts based on your product footprint.

Analyze Portfolio Performance

Quickly assess the health of your portfolio to strategically drive revenue.

Manage Revenue Across Accounts

Understand the short-term and long-term revenue potential within your portfolio of accounts.

Prioritize Opportunities

Analyze size and risk within your portfolio to better prioritize tasks.

Identify Whitespace

Map potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities within an account based on your product footprint

What Our Clients Are Saying

73% of the revenum from our top 200 deals in North America last year went through the Revegy system.”

– Vice President, Largest Global Database Software Company

“The qualification grid has helped sales people understand where they should be spending their time (or not) and understand additional information about their clients’ needs.”

– CEO, Sales Improvement Consulting Company

“With Revegy, hundreds of hours are being saved in terms of being able to allocate and assign account planning tasks amongst a team of people to complete.”

–Key Account Director, Global Software Company

Seeing is Believing

We believe that an image speaks 1000 words. Let us help you reimagine account planning.